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  • Gibbs Skinny G Spoon

    Gibbs Skinny G Spoon

    The Gibbs Skinny G is a light weight trolling spoon. It mimics small bair fish and has an erratic wounded action that changes frequently. It features a lifelike eye, welded rings and a Mustad Ultra Point Hook. The Skinny G is available in Glow or Nickel...

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  • Pucci Chovy Vertical Jigging Spoon

    Pucci Chovy Vertical Jigging Spoon

    Designed for vertical jigging in any condition. Great for river salmon fishing, striped bass and shallow water rockfish. This lure is  a great choice for the value-minded angler, affordable enough to allow the angler to purchase several colors for...

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  • Gibbs Wee G Spoon

    Gibbs Wee G Spoon

    A smaller and lighter version of the proven and effective Skinny G spoon. Erratic darting action that is irrestible to fish. Solid brass body with quality nickel plated components and razor sharp hook. Comes in a wide range of colours.

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  • Gibbs G-Force Spoons

    Gibbs G-Force Spoons

    Gibbs G Force Spoons were specifically developed with two things in mind - imitate natural bait and catch fish. These spoons were tested, tweaked and tuned to perform a show of irresistible and erratic movements to scare up bites from even the most...

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  • Gibbs Needle G Spoon

    Gibbs Needle G Spoon

    The Gibbs Needle G is a heavier version of the popular Skinny G. This spoon is three times the thickness of its "Skinny" brother, Making it a great trolling lure at faster speeds and makes a great addition to the casting lure lineup!

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  • Dick-Nite UV Spoons

    Dick-Nite UV Spoons

    Dick Nite SpoonsA thin-bladed spoon that has been producing great fishing experiences for fisher-men, -women and -children for over 60 years! Used for trolling, stream fishing, mooching, dock fishing, casting or even ice fishing! Dick Nites are well...

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