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  • Ace Hi Fly Ace Hi Fly

    Ace Hi Fly

    Big salmon can't resist the Silver Horde Ace Hi Fly®. Its hi-vis double-glow head with the shimmering Laser skirt flaring behind it is just too attractive to let pass unmolested. Rig behind a flasher to accentuate the Ace Hi Fly's erratic action...

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  • Ace Hi Needlefish Fly

    Ace Hi Needlefish Fly

    The Silver Horde Ace Hi Fly Needlefish features a Double Glow head that intensifies the hydrodynamic flow of water over the tinsel for superior action. When fished behind a dodger or flasher, the facets on four sides will increase the erratic movement...

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  • #35 Octopus Squid (5 Pack)

    #35 Octopus Squid (5 Pack)

      SILVER HORDE OCTOPUS The Silver Horde Gold Star Octopus bodies are soft plastic skirted baits manufactured by the Yamaria Corporation of Japan, The Company was founded in 1941 by Captain Kasutaro Yamashita, who was a tuna fishing boat captain. As...

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  • #15 Micro Squid

    #15 Micro Squid

    SILVER HORDE MICRO SQUID - 1.75" The Silver Horde Micro Squid is a type of hoochie often used for targeting smaller species of landlocked salmon, trout and kokanee with trolling applications. For those not familiar with the term, Hoochies are...

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  • Clear/White - P-Line Twin Tail Squid Pink Glow  - P-Line Twin Tail Squid

    P-Line Twin Tail Squid

    The P-Line Twin Tail Squid is a versatile saltwater bait which is available in 4.5”, 7” and 9 inch models. There are 6 colors in the assortment including 3 glow colors for low light and deep-water fishing conditions. The tentacles on this...

    MSRP: $5.49
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  • Twinkle Skirt

    Twinkle Skirt

    SILVER HORDE TWINKLE SKIRT MINI The Silver Horde Twinkle Skirts are the perfect insert to use when fishing with hoochies from Gold Star and/or Yamashita. These twinkle skirts add visibility to your presentation with added color and flash that is sure to...

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  • Ace Hi Fly Jr.

    Ace Hi Fly Jr.

    Producing the same high quality lures and components for the past 50 years, Silver horde has created the ideal selection to help you get those fish in your boat. Proven to be highly effective for attracting an amazing amount of fish, just about anything...

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