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  • Coho Twitching Jigs

    Coho Twitching Jigs

    We have combined razor sharp 2X strong hooks, marabou flash, rubber legs, and custom dyed bunny fur to produce "THE ULTIMATE TWITCHING JIG." You won't find a better built, more effective jig anywhere.Available Sizes: 3/8 and 1/2 OunceFeaturesCustomized...

    MSRP: $4.99
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  • Yakima Bait Twitching Jig

    Yakima Bait Twitching Jig

    Working closely with fishing guides and industry professionals, the experts at Yakima Bait® have created the Twitcher™ Jig, a lure specifically designed to be a killer coho salmon lure. Perfect for using the twitching technique, this twitching...

    MSRP: $5.49
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  • Woolly Bugger Jigs

    Woolly Bugger Jigs

    DescriptionOur Woolly Bugger Jigs are the most versatile jig we make. The combination of hackle and marabou feathers make it irresistible to salmon, steelhead, trout, and bass. No matter your prey, you will catch more fish more often with Woolly Bugger...

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  • Hawken Humpy Death Jig

    Hawken Humpy Death Jig

    DESCRIPTION Humpy Death Jigs are made with super soft UV skirts, powder painted heads, and rock solid hooks. Countless hours have gone into designing and matching that "Perfect Pink" that humpies can't resist. Fished under floats or twitching - nothing...

    MSRP: $2.49
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  • Otori Puget Pounder Jigs Otori Puget Pounder Jigs

    Otori Puget Pounder Jigs

    The Otori Puget Pounder family of jigs are designed and tested to mimic injured baitfish to encourage feeding and reaction strikes from Salmon and other gamefish. Our UV enchanced color patterns are ready to effectively fish a variety of water conditions...

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  • Pline Farallon Feathers

    Pline Farallon Feathers

    Made with the highest quality hooks and leaders, these feathers make great vertical jigs. Anglers from Mexico to the Pacific Northwest and Florida up through Canada are vertical jigging cod, rockfish, baitfish, smelt, croaker and various similar fish on...

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  • Addicted Twitch Jig

    Addicted Twitch Jig

    Utilizing Ultrapoint hooks, UV fibers, and jig heads, Mustad partnered with the Addicted Fishing team to create the one-of-a-kind Salmon Twitching Jig. High-end fly fishing brushes tied specifically to target Pacific Northwest species like salmon,...

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  • Anchovy Special Teaser Heads

    Anchovy Special Teaser Heads

    The Rhys Davis Anchovy Special is the #1 Choice for anglers who want to combine the effectiveness of anchovies and other medium sized bait fish with the action and fish catching consistency of plastic bait. The Anchovy Special creates a lifelike wounded...

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  • Yakima Bait 3"  Spin-N-Fish

    Yakima Bait 3" Spin-N-Fish

    Pull in bigger fish with the powerfully attractive Spin-N-Fish® Trolling Plug from Yakima Bait®. The pull-apart bait chamber can be filled with bait of your choice to disperse enticing scent as it's pulled through the water column. It can be...

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