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  • 8" Double Fin

    8" Double Fin

    The Jumbo Tail is made out of extremely durable plastic that can withstand many hits. It features two tails that swim wildly creating a lifelike action and vibration. Available in a variety of...

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  • 9" Jumbo Squid 2/pk

    9" Jumbo Squid 2/pk

    The Delta 9" Jumbo Squid is the largest squid available in our product Lineup. The extra large head and long tentacles offer an extremely lifelike action and partner up well with popular baits such...

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  • Big Eye Jig

    Big Eye Jig

    The Big Eye Jig combines the classic "Bullet" style jig head, brightened up with chartreuse paint inserted into a Delta 8.5" Double Fin Plastic Tail with a curly skirt collar. The soft plastic parts...

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  • Cod Jig

    Cod Jig

    Die cast in lead, the Cod Jig is nickel plated with a full spring stainless steel wire harness for the long term corrosion resistance. Its heavy constuction can withstand even the strongest halibut!...

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  • Gibbs Dog Tail Dodger

    Gibbs Dog Tail Dodger

    The Gibbs Dog Tail Dodger is the ideal dodger for Kokanee, Trout and other Lakefish. These smaller dodgers feature a red eye, moonjelly tails, a ball bearing swivel and a snap swivel.

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  • Gibbs G-Force Spoons

    Gibbs G-Force Spoons

    Gibbs G Force Spoons were specifically developed with two things in mind - imitate natural bait and catch fish. These spoons were tested, tweaked and tuned to perform a show of irresistible and...

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  • Gibbs Koho Spoons

    Gibbs Koho Spoons

    Construsted of heavy gauge brass, for casting accuracy and control, the Gibbs Koho is ideal for rivers, streams and lakes. Even in fast, deep water, the Koho gets down to where the fish are. Designed...

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  • Gibbs Mudraker

    Gibbs Mudraker

    The Mudraker is ideal for jigging bottom fish. Three unique features make the Mudraker an amzing fish catcher. The sleek, chrome plated, hexagonal body of the jig will sink rapidly, even in heavy...

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