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Fishing Rods

  • HMX Spinning Rod HMX Spinning Rod

    HMX Spinning Rod

    DESCRIPTION The tradition continues with the all-new HMX series from Fenwick. Constructed from a proprietary blend of carbon fiber, the refined HMX actions offer incredible power, balance, and sensitivity. Each rod in the series has been perfectly...

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  • Lamiglas Redline Spinning Rod Lamiglas Redline Spinning Rod

    Lamiglas Redline Spinning Rod

    Completely handcrafted, the Lamiglas Redline Spinning Rod is made using a new production technique and graphite interlace system that hasn't been possible – until now. Several high-end types of graphite materials and resins are combined and...

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  • G.Loomis IMX Salmon Trolling

    G.Loomis IMX Salmon Trolling

    Whether you're trolling, drifting with the tide or motor mooching, you need a rod with a butt-section powerful enough to help you control a large salmon, but soft enough in the upper half of the blank to allow the fish to ”mouth” the bait...

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  • Beefstick Rods (1 Piece)

    Beefstick Rods (1 Piece)

    Their rugged, solid fiberglass blanks are virtually impossible to crush or break. Complete with quality hardware and an eye-catching finish that gives these rods a solid look and feel. Integrated solid fiberglass tip for extra strength Extra hard...

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  • G. Loomis Salmon Series Casting Rods G. Loomis Salmon Series Casting Rods

    G. Loomis Salmon Series Casting Rods

    Salmon can be found in the ocean, in bays and in rivers. In the river, you'll find them holding in front of rocks, behind rocks, beside rocks, in depressions, above the riffle, below the riffle and, on occasion, in the riffle. They hug the bottom and...

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  • Sealine Boat Rods

    Sealine Boat Rods

    Value priced packaged with newly designed blanks. Sealine rods come with the quality components needed for tough salt water fish. Stainless Steel Hooded reel seat for spinning rods Heavy Duty reel seat for casting rods Saltwater Resistance guide frame...

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  • Spinmatic D UL Spinning Rods

    Spinmatic D UL Spinning Rods

    A true performance match for Daiwa’s ultralight Spinmatic reels, these rods let you cast lighter offerings and sense the slightest of bites, while still providing plenty of backbone. Great for trout, panfish and crappie. High-performance graphite...

    MSRP: $44.99
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