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  • Sonic Baitfish

    Sonic Baitfish

    With three attachment options, the versatile Sonic BaitFish™ can be cast, swam, trolled or jigged. Few lures, if any, provide the ability to dramatically vary your approach.

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  • Dick-Nite UV Spoons

    Dick-Nite UV Spoons

    Dick Nite SpoonsA thin-bladed spoon that has been producing great fishing experiences for fisher-men, -women and -children for over 60 years! Used for trolling, stream fishing, mooching, dock fishing, casting or even ice fishing! Dick Nites are well...

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  • Okuma Guide Select Pro Casting Rods Okuma Guide Select Pro Casting Rods

    Okuma Guide Select Pro Casting Rods

    GUIDE SELECT PRO Okuma Guide Select Pro rods are the ultimate in steelhead rods.  The 30/40 ton graphite is ultra-sensitive and responsive to the lightest of bites, but offers enough backbone to pick up line and set the hook on a long drift...

    MSRP: $174.99
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  • Foam Slip Float AF-5 Series

    Foam Slip Float AF-5 Series

    DescriptionThe AF5 slip float was made for all of you who like the inline slip floats used in conjunction with inline weights. Very similar to our AF3 floats these are more of a fineness high visibility float. Great for choppy water or long drifts...

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  • Pixee® Spoon

    Pixee® Spoon

    The Pixee® Spoon features heavy construction that permits incredibly long casts and deep retrieves even in fast moving water. Egg sac insert adds natural element that drives fish wild. Plated brass with a hammered finish reflects more light...

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  • Seaguar STS Salmon Leader

    Seaguar STS Salmon Leader

    STS SALMON LEADER Strong & Highly Abrasion Resistant Description Tough fish. Rocks and wicked structure. No problem. This genuine 100% fluorocarbon leader material delivers incredible abrasion resistance and maximum impact and knot strength, all with...

    MSRP: $16.49
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  • Gamakatsu Big River Bait Hooks Gamakatsu Big River Bait Hooks

    Gamakatsu Big River Bait Hooks

    Gamakatsu’s Big River Bait Hook features a unique shape and large gap are designed to optimize hook penetration and hold fish more securely once hooked. The Gamakatsu Big River Bait Hook is forged for unparalleled strength with a turned-up eye for...

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  • Point Wilson Dart Herring Point Wilson Dart Herring

    Point Wilson Dart Herring

    Herring The Point Wilson Dart Herring is a great combination lure. It offers a wide body for action and plenty of heft to get down deep. It works great for salmon, halibut, lingcod, rockfish, tuna, yellowtail, striped bass and many more species. H10 - 1...

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