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  • Tapered Beads

    Tapered Beads

    Five molded beads provide highly visible color for all your lure-making needs.  These connected beads also provide flotation as well. Available in 10-packs.

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  • Troll Snubbers

    Troll Snubbers

    Designed to act as an in-line shock absorber when a fish strikes, minimizing the chance of losing the fish while reeling it in or trying to net it. Available in 2-packs.

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  • Wally Pop

    Wally Pop

    A proven setup featuring a Smile Blade® and a Cha Cha pill float inside fluorescent tubing on a crawler harness. The soft body gives off a natural feel on the bite, giving you...

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  • Wedding Ring

    Wedding Ring

    If your father or grandfather ever fished the Northwest, chances are he's used one of these guys. The Wedding Ring® Classic Original Series, built with premium components, has been a favorite for...

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  • Wiggle Hoochie

    Wiggle Hoochie

    Unbelievable look and action. Fitted with a crank-style Wiggle Hoochie™ Bill and a UV body, this kokanee, trout and salmon lure has an irresistible action.

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