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  • BG MQ Spinning Reel

    BG MQ Spinning Reel

    FEATURES ALUMINIUM BODY Lightweight and incredibly strong, aluminium allows strength and weightlessness to be achieved without the cost and corrosion issues of other metals.   ATD DRAG Daiwa’s...

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  • Strategy Spinning Reel Strategy Spinning Reel

    Strategy Spinning Reel

    Smooth, fish-fighting performance at an even smoother price. That’s the winning blueprint behind the all-new Quantum Strategy™ spinning reel. This super-responsive, lightweight composite reel offers the silky smooth retrieves and drag...

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  • Abu Garcia Max X Reel Abu Garcia Max X Reel

    Abu Garcia Max X Reel

    DESCRIPTION Experience the better-than-ever Abu Garcia engineering with MAXimum performance with the Abu Garcia Max X baitcast reels. These reels feature large PVC handle knobs, a 90 mm handle arm for increased comfort, a 4+1 bearing system for...

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  • Daiwa Eliminator Spinning Reels

    Daiwa Eliminator Spinning Reels

    OVERVIEW The Eliminator Series of Spinning Reels range from a compact 2500 series reel holding 6-pound test to a beefy 8000 series reel that can pack on the 30-pound test. The reels are also Well Suited For Braided Line Applications. The reel body is...

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  • Procyon LT

    Procyon LT

    FEATURES OVERVIEW The PROCYON LT is lighter by weight yet strong and rigid in the LT Concept. The body is constructed from Zaion, a “high density” carbon strain material that is 20 percent stronger and 50 percent lighter than...

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  • Daiwa Laguna LT Spinning Reel

    Daiwa Laguna LT Spinning Reel

    The Laguna LT is the latest manifestation in Daiwa's LT storyline. The redesigned reel embraces the LT Concept of light and tough. The True Carbon Frame reduces weight and size, yet is as rigid as conventional materials.  The Air Rotor System...

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  • Clash™ II Spinning Reel Clash™ II Spinning Reel

    Clash™ II Spinning Reel

    DESCRIPTION The PENN® Clash™ II is the ultimate inshore reel. Featuring our proprietary CNC Gear™ Technology and HT-100™ carbon fiber drag system, the Clash II can handle any inshore species you hook. The Hydrophobic Line Roller...

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  • Daiwa Procyon AL Spinning Reel Daiwa Procyon AL Spinning Reel

    Daiwa Procyon AL Spinning Reel

    OVERVIEW For a higher level of performance, the Daiwa Procyon AL spinning reel family is back for the attack whether that means freshwater or inshore applications. From speckled trout, redfish, and snook to bass, walleye, and trout, the Procyon AL offers...

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