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  • Silver Horde #0 Dodgers

    Silver Horde #0 Dodgers

    SILVER HORDE #0 DODGER 8" The #0 8" Dodger is a great trolling lure for the summer months when fishing lakes in pursuit of pelagic species. Troll the Silver Horde #0 dodgers at 1.5 – 1.8 mph. vary your speed, troll in an “S” pattern,...

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    Jig Leader Boards Jig Leader Boards

    Jig Leader Boards

    The JLB-03 is the smallest of the two leader boards and it measures  5 ¾ X 8 making it work well with smaller hooks and jigs and pre-tied leaders and it also allows you to pre load your tackle and be organized when you hit the water. ...

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  • Ace Hi Fly Jr.

    Ace Hi Fly Jr.

    Producing the same high quality lures and components for the past 50 years, Silver horde has created the ideal selection to help you get those fish in your boat. Proven to be highly effective for attracting an amazing amount of fish, just about anything...

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  • #15 Micro Squid

    #15 Micro Squid

    SILVER HORDE MICRO SQUID - 1.75" The Silver Horde Micro Squid is a type of hoochie often used for targeting smaller species of landlocked salmon, trout and kokanee with trolling applications. For those not familiar with the term, Hoochies are...

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  • Flying C

    Flying C

    Casts like a bullet... Drops Quickly... Runs Deep... Here is the perfect salmon and steelhead lure for the pier or stream fisherman. It is proven in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. The Mepps Flying C is a heavyweight spinner that drops deep and stays...

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  • Silver Horde Stubby Dodger

    Silver Horde Stubby Dodger

    The Stubby Dodger is made from Spring Temper Brass equipped with strong Welded Stainless Rings and corrosion resistant Swivels.  Featuring Double Glow, Chrome, Genuine Silver Plate, Fluorescent and Ultra-Violet finishes.  This dodger has a...

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  • Bobber Doggin- Chubby Bobber Doggin- Chubby

    Bobber Doggin- Chubby

    DescriptionAero-Floats are made of high density soft foam that we hand paint and precision craft on a lathe. This ensures ultra-sensitivity, perfect tracking and high visibility when finished. Each float comes with 2 micro bobber stops and beads...

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  • Ceymar spinning reel Ceymar spinning reel

    Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel

    CEYMAR SPINNING REELS In the Okuma tradition of creating gear that creates a desire to go fishing, the Ceymar spinning reel delivers stunning engineering at a affordable price.  With its ultra-lightweight, aggressively ported spool and rotor and red...

    MSRP: $51.99
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  • P-Line Draggin Balls P-Line Draggin Balls

    P-Line Draggin Balls

    If you plan on bobber doggin’ for Steelhead or Salmon, you need these sinkers. It’s a proven design that helps move your rig along at the right speed while reducing snagging and tangling. Can also be used drift fishing and with other methods...

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