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  • Beads


    A component that helps with creating your own jigs or rigs, and even lures, that attract the fish with their brilliant and popular colors. Ideal for the Salmon and steel headers, these beads can be...

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  • Challenger Squid

    Challenger Squid

    The Zak 4.5" Challenger Squid has a lifelike plastic body that imparts a natural swimming action when trolled behind a Flasher. They are made from durable plastic, feature a realistic eye, and are...

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  • Dodger & Flasher Leader

    Dodger & Flasher Leader

    To prevent twisting and damaging your main line this strong leader comes with a barrel swivel on each end. One end also has a snap for quick and convenient gear change. 72" Sold in SINGLE packs

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  • Halibut Leader Halibut Leader

    Halibut Leader

    The Zak Halibut Leader is available in an assortment of different hook configurations for all your bottom fishing needs. These Rigs feature heavy crimps, Mustad Hooks as well as 200lb stainless steel...

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  • Halibut Spreader Bars

    Halibut Spreader Bars

    These L-Shaped Spreader Bars get your gear down to the bottom while kepping your pait a safe distance from your weight and mainline. These spreader bars come equipped with heavy duty swivels and a...

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  • Herring Jigs

    Herring Jigs

    The Zak Tackle Herring Jigs are rigged with 8 spaced hooks tied up on 12lb leader. Available in two configurations of either fish skin with glow beads or standard gold hooks with multi coloured beads...

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  • Jumbo Twin Tail

    Jumbo Twin Tail

    The Twin Tail is made out of extremely durable plastic that can withstand many hits. It features two tails that swim wildly creating a lifelike action and vibration. The Twin Tail is available in a...

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  • Lead Cinch

    Lead Cinch

    The Zak Tackle Lead Cinch lets you attach a lead pencil weight to your fishing gear without the risk of losing your gear if you snag on the bottom. In the event of a snag, the tubing will release the...

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