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  • Mustad Octopus Live Jig

    Mustad Octopus Live Jig

    Mustad Best Seller of 2020! The Mustad InkVader is a revolutionary TPE octopus soft bait that is built to look and move exactly like a live octopus, even squirting non-toxic and soluble ink from...

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  • Octopus Hook Octopus Hook

    Octopus Hook

    The Mustad 1X strong wire Beak Hook is perfect for natural bait saltwater presentation. The strong hook features perfect penetration and holding capacity. The up-turned eye makes it ideal for the...

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  • Slow Death Hook Slow Death Hook

    Slow Death Hook

    The Slow Death® Aberdeen Hook is an Aberdeen style pattern with a special kinked shank that, when threaded with half of a nightcrawler/earthworm and trolled at slow speeds, produces a wild,...

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  • Treble Hook Treble Hook

    Treble Hook

    The Classic Mustad treble hook range has been an all time favorite with fishermen all over the globe. It is a great and reliable replacement hook for your plugs, spoons, pilkers or spinners. The hook...

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  • Tuna Circle Hooks Tuna Circle Hooks

    Tuna Circle Hooks

    The Mustad Tuna Circle Hook range is a true circle hook featuring the best hookup ratios. No wonder it is so popular among tournament fishermen. It features 2X strong wire making it perfect to battle...

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  • Ultra-Point Siwash Hook

    Ultra-Point Siwash Hook

    The Mustad fine wire Big Firearm® Siwash hook is an excellent choice for salt and freshwater fishermen using live bait. Works equally well with shrimp, pinfish and cut bait. It is also a great...

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