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  • Acme Bead Chain Keel Sinker

    Acme Bead Chain Keel Sinker

    Cast farther and fish deeper with our Keel Sinkers. Our stainless steel snap tight snap makes changing weights fast and easy. Keel-shaped design and multiple bead swivels eliminate twists or a kinked line. KEEL SINKERS   R18-R34...

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  • Mad River Hard Fish Pills Floaties Mad River Hard Fish Pills Floaties

    Mad River Hard Fish Pills Floaties

    Floating Beads! Hard Fish Pills/Floaties look just like regular Fish Pills but they are made from hard compressed, molded, durable foam. They have a hole for threading on your line above your hook. Just like a corky but without the hard plastic shell and...

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  • Owner Soft Glow Beads

    Owner Soft Glow Beads

    With a through-hole design, slides on line and leaders for attracting walleyes, trout, salmon and more. Slide over hook eye to protect knots. Phosphor-charged, they're also a natural for using with saltwater Sabiki rigs. Sizes by diameter: #3 - 1/8", #4...

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  • BnR Soft Bead T-Stop Packs

    BnR Soft Bead T-Stop Packs

    These T-stops are specifically designed for all of your Soft Bead needs. The stops feature a tight fit for the line and a bevel that keeps your bead from slipping over.   Large (12-16 mm beads) 10 T-Stops per ring, 4 rings in a package (40...

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  • BnR Worm Keeper Jigheads

    BnR Worm Keeper Jigheads

    WormKeeper Jigs are manufactured with a barbed “keeper” that keeps your worm just like you rigged it. Jigs are made with Owner 2x strong hooks and powder coated with multiple layers of high quality paint to create one of the most durable...

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