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Coloring and Cures

Coloring and Cures

  • Borax-O-Fire


    Most effective for curing Salmon & Steelhead eggsNorthwest based Pautzke Bait Co. – known worldwide for our “Balls O’ Fire” eggs – continues a more than 75-year long tradition of providing premium eggs, cures, scents and...

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  • Zilla Bait Prawn & Shrimp Cure

    Zilla Bait Prawn & Shrimp Cure

    Zilla Bait Prawn & Coon Shrimp Cure is far above the rest! Like all our other cures, we only use the purest ingredients and never add fillers or anything unnecessary to the curing process. Our small batch Prawn & Coon Shrimp Cure comes in a...

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  • Fire Dye

    Fire Dye

    Give Your Bait Bling! High Octane Fire Dye is professionally crafted to enhance the color and reflective qualities of your bait and is UV Enhanced to give you an arsenal to attack all water conditions. Ideal for eggs, herring, shrimp, prawns, minnows,...

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  • Zilla Bait Herring Cure 20oz

    Zilla Bait Herring Cure 20oz

    Our Herring Cure can be used as both a brine and a cure for herring, anchovies or sardines. If you are using really good fresh baits, you would want to use as a brine rather than a cure. Whichever method you use, you will never be disappointed with the...

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  • Beau Mac Instant Bait Color

    Beau Mac Instant Bait Color

    It happens to the best of us - you are on your way to the water at oh dark thirty and you realize your left your freshly Pro Glowed baits at home. That's where our Instant Bait Color comes in - a little shot of Beau Mac Instant Bait Color will spruce up...

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