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  • Fire Brine

    Fire Brine

    Description The worldwide leader in baits for over 75 years thanks to our world-famous “Balls O’ Fire” salmon eggs, Pacific Northwest favorite Pautzke Bait Co. now continues the family tradition of providing the finest baits and...

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  • Fire Cure

    Fire Cure

    Northwest favorite Pautzke Bait Co. – known worldwide for their “Balls O’ Fire” eggs and “Soft But Satisfying” recipe – continues an over 70-year tradition of providing premium eggs and attractants to the trout,...

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  • Pro-Cure Rock Salt

    Pro-Cure Rock Salt

    Pro-Cure Rock Salt If you plan to brine or salt your baits, Pro-Cure has you covered with Rock Salt. Great as a stand alone brine. Or also add to Brine N Bite or Brine N Bite Complete just for a little extra firmness to your baits.

    MSRP: $8.02
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  • Atlas Mikes Brite & Tight

    Atlas Mikes Brite & Tight

    Salmon anglers have long known that brined herring holds up better than herring that have not been brined; especially frozen herring. Mike’s Brite & Tight makes brining herring as easy as unscrewing the cap, pouring the cure into a container or...

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