Poulsen Arrow Flash

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Product Overview

The action of an Arrow Flash Dodger is side-to-side in almost a 180° U shaped swing. In the words of Jeremy Jahn, AKA ‘the Kokanee Kid’, “They kick like a mule!” They come right out of the package ready to fish—no tuning needed. They have quickly become the hands-down favorite of tournament anglers and guides throughout the Pacific Northwest. Arrow Flash Dodgers work well even at the slowest trolling speeds or river currents. Great for trout and other game fish, but especially effective for kokanee.


Size                                         Arrow Flash
Overall Length                            6 1/2″
Blank Length                               4 1/4″
Blank Width                                1 7/8″
Top Swivel                                #7 Rosco
Bottom Swivel                         #3 Snap
Split Rings                               #5 Stainless


(No reviews yet) Write a Review