Islander MR2LA Reel

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Product Overview

Free Spool Lever

The Islander MR2-LA’s frame side free spool lever allows you to disengage the drag system to quickly drop your gear to the desired depth without the need to adjust your drag. Anglers who are particular about their drag settings appreciate the simplicity as it lets them set their drag once and forget about it.

Silky Smooth Cork Drag

Over the last couple decades, Islander’s cork drags have probably caught more salmon than any other system off the coast of British Columbia…And for good reason. The properties of our drag ensure that when even the biggest chinook goes for a run, you have enough stopping power to slow it down and enough smoothness to apply consistent fish fighting pressure.

Large Arbor For Quick Retrieve

The MR2LA’s spool features a large arbor which increases your retrieval rate so that when that silver torpedo makes a run at the boat you’ve got the pick up to stay on him. The design also eliminates the need for backing while still providing you with enough capacity for the longest of runs.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review