Attwood Lock'N-Pin 3/4" Pin Seat Mounts

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Product Overview

Swivl-Eze is the #1 supplier of ¾” pin seating hardware. Here's why:

  •  The ¾” system gives you outstanding economical performance
  • The design is proven by decades of experience
  • Posts are available as fixed, manually adjustable, or power-adjustable
  • Seat mounts, posts and bases available in steel, aluminum, or stainless steel

 The Swivl-Eze Difference

  • The patented Lock' N-Pin system leads the industry in safety
  • Lock' N-Pin prevents unintentional detachment for seat mounts, posts and bases
  • Lock' N-Pin products exceed ABYC Standard H31.6.1
Description ABYC Code Installed Height Bulk Packaging Aftermarket Packaging*
Zinc Plated Steel, 3° Tilt, 2-3/4" Steel Pin, w/ Spring B 2" 1002 SP-1002
Zinc Plated Steel, 3° Tilt, 2-1/2" Steel Pin B 1" 1002-S  -


(No reviews yet) Write a Review