Reeds Rod Wraps

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$2.99 - $3.99

Product Overview

Ever been snapped by that irritating rubber band? Is your wife getting tired of her hair bands always coming up missing and found on your rods? Ever store that fishing rod away for the season with rubber bands and find them stuck to your rod and removing the finish? Look no further!


  • Designed to keep your fishing rod together at the top and bottom
  • Non-abrasive. Wont leave blemishes or scratches on your rod
  • Great multi purpose rod wrap that was designed to secure your fishing rods, anchor Ropes & just about anything outdoors
  • Reeds rod wraps are very durable and have been weight tested to hold up to and over 60 pounds of pressure
  • Assorted colors and sizes available. 2 pack.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review