SOL Flat Pack Gear Tote

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Product Overview

Bring all the gear you need in the SOL Flat Pack Gear Tub. The collapsible design expands to hold everything you need, from cooking pots to hiking shoes, a picnic to campfire supplies. When fully expanded, this tub stands 12 inches tall yet collapses down to 3 inches. The durable TPR-midsection and the molded rim handles make carrying heavy loads easy. Non-slip feet on the base of the tote provide extra stability on uneven ground. Easily collapse for compact storage at home or at camp. Stay organized and ready for any unexpected adventures on your horizon with the SOL Flat Pack Gear Tub.<br
Large capacity tub for carrying all your gear to and from the campsite or for storage around the house
12-inch-tall tub collapses to 3 inches, so it's perfect for keeping in a van, storage, or at camp
TPR sides are lightweight, flexible, and durable
Non-slip feet on each corner of the base keep the tote steady on uneven ground
Ergonomic, extended rim has molded handles to make heavy loads easy to carry


(No reviews yet) Write a Review