Brad's Roe Bead Pegs

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Brad's Killer Fishing Gear Roe Bead Pegs - These bead pegs are used to position your beads, drift bobbers, sinkers, and other fishing tackle in place on the line so that it does not slide on your line. The bead pegs work similar to a bobber stop, they are a tapered piece of Non Abrasive TP Rubber that will not chafe your line. Push the bead peg through the hole of whatever you are using until it is snug and it will keep it in place whiile you are fishing. Don't rely on other methods of pegging your beads like toothpicks that can damage your fishing line and can be knocked loose. The Roe Bead Pegs stay firmly in place and ensure your beads do not interrupt your fishing.


  • Non-abrasive TP Rubber
  • Secures beads, drift bobbers, & sinkers
  • Tapered peg


(No reviews yet) Write a Review