Where's the Ammo?

Posted by Tony K on Feb 15th 2021

Where's the Ammo?

Sportco Ammunition Update 2021

We expect ammunition demand continuing to overwhelm the supply line, thru a minimum this Fall 2021 if not 2022.
In 2020 the United States welcomed MILLIONS of new firearm owners to the supply chain. Our stores alone welcomed thousands of first-time firearm owners in 2020.

A year ago we received PALLETS of ammunition, 9mm, .223, 5.56 etc., today we only see cases. As of this writing we have MILLIONS of dollars of ammunition on order with no guarantee how much we will actually see. There are no set delivery days and arrives with little to zero notice. We do see small amounts arrive sporadically to the lucky people who happen to be in the store at the time. Unless we do receive a pallet of a certain caliber, we won’t advertise its arrival. We are very careful what we announce on social media and will only do so if we believe we have 24hrs supply worth. We guarantee that we have more $$ invested in purchase orders than almost any local sporting goods retailer in Washington State.

Ammunition Price Increases: Retailers are seeing ammunition price increases from manufacturers pretty much across the board. If you notice a higher price, its from manufacturer price increases. Winchester alone has had almost half a dozen price increases in the last few months. With that said we promise to NEVER price gouge our customer base. We have heard horrifying stories of shops charging insane amounts of $$ for target 9mm. Could we charge more?...probably, but we made a commitment to our customers in providing outdoor gear at the best price possible.

Please have patience with our staff. Our staff has been working hard trying to provide the best customer service they can, while dealing with frustrated customers amidst a strenuous pandemic. We aren’t perfect, but we will always work hard for you behind the scenes.

We agree that the ammunition shortage is frustrating, we love sport shooting ourselves.
Thank you for choosing our stores, and best wishes for an improved 2021.