ADX Enforcer 8X Braided Line Hi-Vis Orange (300YD)

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Product Overview

Addicted Enforcer 8x is the most advanced braided line in the TUF-Line offering. The Close Angle Braid technology makes it one of the most compact braided lines on the market. The ultra round profile delivers smooth handling, long casts, and almost no rod guide noise. Made with micro-PE fibers, it has the highest strength to weight ratio in its class. Colored with a proprietary, colorfast, bi-component coating process, you’re ensured amazing abrasion resistance and long color life.

  • Ultra Long Casting - our Close Angle Braid technology creates and ultra smooth line surface, ensuring ultimate castability.
  • Ultra Low Drag - the most compact braid profile on the market creates ultra low resistance during retrieves or when trolling.
  • Round Profile - Micro-PE fibers, Close Angle Braiding technology, and aerospace quality combine for an ultra round profile
  • Abrasion Resistant - our proprietary coating process, combined with ultra strong Micro-PE fibers create amazing abrasion resistance


(No reviews yet) Write a Review