Rope Winder Kits

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$109.99 - $119.99

Product Overview

Ideal solution to safely organize and store lead core crabbing/shrimping ropes and/or other long shots of rope you require on your boat.
• Push button operation to slide spools on and off the winder base for easy storage of rope when you are done using it.
• Two sizes of spool that fit 400 ft and 800 ft of 5/16" rope. Your experience may vary due to rope brand or how cleanly the rope is wound onto the spool.
• Stainless steel and painted aluminum combo for a long life on deck, classic combo looks good on any boat
• Spool sizes (not including handle) 800 ft Model 12" Diameter x 10" Wide, 400 ft model 12" Diameter x 5" Wide

CAUTION – Do not leave the spool on the base while under power. The SMI rope winder is intended for general marine and sport fishing use only. Do not use where life, limb, or personal safety is involved.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review