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Product Overview

Anglers from across the globe use Pautzke Nectar to recharge their baits and give life to others. Soaking flies, yarn, spawn sacks and cured eggs in it brings mind boggling results.

One of the critical components of any fishery – be it fresh or saltwater salmon/steelhead on the West Coast/Great Lakes, or trout on the East Coast – is the attraction of a bait’s scent profile. And, for the last 80-plus years our Nectar has provided a secret blast of scents that have proven to be deadly on virtually anything that swims. Some of our pros go as far as calling Pautzke Nectar, “Mother’s Milk” to fish.

Pautzke Nectar in its most basic form is one of the most attractive, functional scents produced anywhere, and for a variety of species. It’s the stained juices and proteins from our Balls O Fire salmon eggs. That egg juice includes Dad Pautzke’s 80-plus year old secret mix of salts, sugars, dyes and other curing agents. Maybe that’s why a 80-plus year old product ignited like wildfire throughout North America in the last decades as many of the most respected guides and anglers in the world have quietly released one of their biggest secrets: Pautzke Nectar is the key ingredient for their brines, egg cures and scents! Because of its sheer scent potency, you can soak virtually any kind of bait in Pautzke Nectar.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review