Pro-Troll Spin Ray Flashers

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Product Overview

The Pro-Troll SpinRay flashers are designed to only spin as they are trolled.  The vibrations of the spinning tail wings attract salmon to the flasher from considerable distances away.  The normal trolling speed range for the SpinRay 8 is 1.5mph up to about 3 mph.  It will perform well through this full range. 

The leader lengths are important:

For the SpinRay 8, the suggested front leader lengths are 40 to 48 inches.  Suggested tail leader lengths are:  With flies - 16 to 22 inches; with bait or lures - 30 to 60 inches. 

The flasher can be trolled near the bottom and will not hit the bottom because of its in line action.  This flasher also has much less drag than conventional flashers. 

The Spin Ray features an ABS plastic ultraviolet blade for brilliant underwater color and extra strength. Includes Pro-Troll "Easy Spin" stainless ball bearing swivels and welded rings and grommets on both ends.  Its superior fish shape and the Pro-Troll electronic EChip are also fish catching advantages.  Many fishermen use the SpinRay without a bait as an attractor, tied off a downrigger cannonball.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review