Smokehouse Wood Grilling Planks (2 Pack)

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Product Overview

Add delicious wood smoke flavor to everything you grill or barbecue! 100% Pacific Northwest Alder Grilling Planks add a delicate smoke flavor while retaining a slightly sweet quality. Perfect for poultry, fish, pork, vegetables and more.

Smokehouse Grilling Planks are NOT thin wafers of wood. They are a super thick 3/8” plank that are also 14.5” L (39.37 cm) x 5.5” W (13.97 cm) in size. Plenty big for a large fillet of salmon or even a family full of chicken breasts.

The grilling planks are easy to use with 3 basic steps. First soak the plank in water for 45-60 minutes. Then brush a light coating of olive oil (or vegetable oil) on top of the plank and bring it to cooking temperature by heating it up on the grill at low heat for 5 minutes. Place your seasoned food on top of the plank and continue grilling at a low temperature until done. Cook with the lid closed to infuse your food with a delicate smoke from the Smokehouse Alder Grilling Plank.

Smokehouse Grilling Planks are 100% all natural wood. They work great on all grills, including gas grills, propane grills, charcoal grills and pellet grills.

Since 1968, Smokehouse Products has been smoking wood in our smokers as a tradition to come together with family and friends and share the heritage of producing only the best smoked foods. It is time we share it with you.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review