Smelly Jelly ProGuide UV 1oz Glitter Glow

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Product Overview

As soon as you crack the seal on the Smelly Jelly 1 oz Scents, you'll know precisely why bass go into a feeding frenzy when you're using these scents of your baits. Each jar is a mixture of a unique jelly base, that has the consistency of Vaseline, and aromatic bait essence to create a smell no fish can resist! Add these Original Scents on to your favorite jigs, worms, and hard baits and watch the results happen in front of your eyes. Bass Feast is the most potent formula. See for yourself by bass don't want to let go of your bait when you jazz it up with Smelly Jelly Original Scents.

Key features and benefits:

  • 1 oz
  • Use on jigs, worms, and hard baits
  • A potent combination of bait essence and special jelly base


(No reviews yet) Write a Review