Point Wilson Dart Candlefish

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The first Point Wilson DART was the Candlefish. This fish-catching legend has proven itself since 1981 on species ranging from salmon to bottom-dwelling halibut—and everything in between. Some know candlefish as sand lance, sandeels, needlefish or launcefish. Gamefish just call them food. And with its slim profile and fast-sinking action, this is the lure that hooks those fish trip after trip, year after year.

Comes rigged with hook, either trebble or single point.

  • C10 - 1 oz.
  • C22 - 2¼ oz.
  • C35 - 3½ oz.
  • C47 - 4¾ oz.
  • C60 - 6 oz.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review