Luhr Jensen Hot Shot® (non-rattle)

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Product Overview

Before "back-trolling" in rivers became an official technique, it was called "Hot Shotting" for the revolutionary lure that would forever alter steelhead fishing. With its compact body, deep-diving bill and quick, wide and aggressive action, the Hot Shot® has become a staple of steelhead, trout and salmon anglers alike. Primarily backtrolled for river steelhead and salmon, the smaller sizes are outstanding as trolling lures in lakes or drift-fished lures in streams for trout. For trout, fish them behind a lake troll or flat line them far behind the boat on lakes, cast them cross-current and allow them to swing through likely holding spots on rivers. "Tune" each lure for maximum success by making small adjustments to the screw-eye line attachment (if the lure runs to one side, slightly rotate the top of the screw eye in the opposite direction). In any application, brace yourself for savage strikes. 

  • High action trolling & back trolling plug
  • Diver that floats at rest
  • Round bend treble hooks
  • Optional Hot Shot® Side Planer No. 5640
Model Type Length Hook Size
5433-070 Non-Rattle 1-1/2" 10
5433-060 Non-Rattle 1-5/8" 10
5433-050 Non-Rattle 2" 6
5433-030 Non-Rattle 2-11/16" 3


(No reviews yet) Write a Review