Hydro Trail 10

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Product Overview

ALPS Mountaineering Hydro Trail 10 Day Backpack. Cycling, running, hiking and climbing are all sports requiring different training, disciplines and equipment, but no matter your passion, there is one thing every athlete must have - quick and easy access to adequate amounts of water. Being without water can quickly become dangerous, and a well-designed hydration pack is the perfect solution. The array of hydration packs designs from ALPS Mountaineering makes carrying water easy and convenient! The Hydro Trail 10 comes equipped with a 3L ALPS hydration reservoir and an insulated reservoir pocket, but it is so much more than just a hydration pack. The Hydro Trail 10 uses a 3d mesh suspension system, removable waist belt, and two removable sternum straps for a close, contoured fit to your body. The vest-style design features mesh shoulder straps with both stretch and zipper pockets conveniently located on both sides. An additional front zipper pocket provides ample room for other essential items.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review