Hodgman Mackenzie™ Cleat Hip Bootfoot

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Product Overview

Hodgman® Mackenzie™ Cleated Hip Bootfoot

You don’t have to break the bank for a good pair of bootfoot waders. Hodgman® Mackenzie bootfoot waders are constructed using rugged heavy denier PVC coated nylon which keeps water on the outside of your wader where it belongs. Light weight nylon fabric construction doesn't weigh you down. The lightweight PVC boot with cleated outsole allows you to trek without being worn down by heavy rubber boots.

  • Light weight and tough PVC coated denier nylon shell fabric
  • Durable PVC boot
  • Nylon construction provides comfort and maneuverability
US Size Inseam
7 28"-30"
8 29"-31"
9 29"-32"
10 30"-33"
11 31"-33"
12 32"-34"
13 32"-35"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review