Flatfish (M2)

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Product Overview

FlatFish Package Instructions M-2 to T-60

FlatFish is a shallow/medium diving plug designed to catch a wide variety of game
fish. This lure produces a wide, strike-producing wiggle when trolled, back trolled
or reeled at slow (slow is good with FlatFish) to medium speed. For best result, tie
line to the round-eyed connector snap provided with lure.

FlatFish can be trolled on a flat line (no weight added) near the surface. As lake
temperatures rise or during sunny conditions, which can drive fish down, add
weight (trolling sinker or dropper line) 40-to-60 inches ahead of lure. Leaded line,
with 6-to-8 foot monofilament or fluorocarbon leader, can also be used to take
FlatFish to fish-holding level. When used in conjunction with downrigger, try
running your FlatFish 20-to-40 feet behind downrigger release.

FlatFish can be cast cross current and allowed to swing through fish-holding water.
From a boat, FlatFish can be trolled, still fished (by anchoring and using river
current to work lure) or back-trolled (troll FlatFish behind boat while backing boat
downriver slower than river current).

You can make your FlatFish even more effective by adding scent or tipping the
trailing hook with worm. FlatFish effectiveness can be enhanced by wrapping a thin
(1/8th inch thick) fillet of sardine, herring, shad or other bait to lure belly. Correct,
rectangle fillet size should be no wider than lure and 1/3 plug length. For best
results, center fillet on the belly eyelet (skin side down) and hold in place by
wrapping with light test mono or elastic thread - finish with 3 or 4 half hitches.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review