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Saltwater Jigs

  • P-Line Lazer Minnows P-Line Lazer Minnows

    P-Line Lazer Minnows

    The P-Line Laser Minnow is manufactured with a unique holographic laser tape, creating an amazingly life-like finish. The oblong shape and sharp cuts on the side allow for an erratic action when jigged. This action will trigger strikes from a number of...

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    Point Wilson Dart Candlefish

    CANDLEFISH The first Point Wilson DART was the Candlefish. This fish-catching legend has proven itself since 1981 on species ranging from salmon to bottom-dwelling halibut—and everything in between. Some know candlefish as sand lance, sandeels,...

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  • Otori Puget Pounder Jigs Otori Puget Pounder Jigs

    Otori Puget Pounder Jigs

    The Otori Puget Pounder family of jigs are designed and tested to mimic injured baitfish to encourage feeding and reaction strikes from Salmon and other gamefish. Our UV enchanced color patterns are ready to effectively fish a variety of water conditions...

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  • Anchovy Special Teaser Heads

    Anchovy Special Teaser Heads

    The Rhys Davis Anchovy Special is the #1 Choice for anglers who want to combine the effectiveness of anchovies and other medium sized bait fish with the action and fish catching consistency of plastic bait. The Anchovy Special creates a lifelike wounded...

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  • Point Wilson Dart Herring Point Wilson Dart Herring

    Point Wilson Dart Herring

    Herring The Point Wilson Dart Herring is a great combination lure. It offers a wide body for action and plenty of heft to get down deep. It works great for salmon, halibut, lingcod, rockfish, tuna, yellowtail, striped bass and many more species. H10 - 1...

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  • P-Line Alaska Halibut Rig

    P-Line Alaska Halibut Rig

    Product Overview Leaders designed to help you catch and reel in Alaska Halibut. Pulling up a Halibut is a bit like trying to reel in a barn door straight off the ocean floor—a barn door that has no intention of cooperating. This leader is designed...

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  • Super Herring Teaser Heads

    Super Herring Teaser Heads

    The Super Herring creates a lifelike wounded action that can be customized with different hook placements. These teaser heads are available in a wide selection of colours and painted variations on UV and Glow finishes. The rigged Super Herring...

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  • P-Line Halibut Drop Jig

    P-Line Halibut Drop Jig

    The Halibut Drop Jig is a depth charging bait made for deep water jigging. All models have a glow treatment on the belly of the lure for increased visibility. The Halibut Drop Jig has proven effective on grouper, halibut, ling cod and a number of other...

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  • Herring Jigs

    Herring Jigs

    The Zak Tackle Herring Jigs are rigged with 8 spaced hooks tied up on 12lb leader. Available in two configurations of either fish skin with glow beads or standard gold hooks with multi coloured beads. Attach your desired weight and you're ready to go!

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