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  • CS Coating Quick Coat Lure Dip CS Coating Quick Coat Lure Dip

    CS Coating Quick Coat Lure Dip

    Ideal for making on the fly adjustments to your presentation, the CS Coatings Quick Coat Lure Dip allows anglers to instantly change the color of hooks, blades, spoons, and lures, giving you nearly limitless possibilities. Quick and easy to use, the CS...

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  • Pro-Tec Powder Paint

    Pro-Tec Powder Paint

    Imagine a paint with virtually no odor, no drying time, no solvents and no mixing. Now imagine a brilliant, super-durable high gloss finish in seconds! These qualities, coupled with a spectrum of 34 colors to choose from, have made Pro-Tec Powder Paint...

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  • CS Coating Worm Dip

    CS Coating Worm Dip

    Instantly changes the color of soft plastics bait to give you near limitless possibilities. Quick-Coat Worm Dip has a penetrating finish that dries in seconds. Colors can even be mixed to make your own custom colors. Comes in 4oz bottle.

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