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  • Pro-Cure Tinted Bait Sauces 4oz

    Pro-Cure Tinted Bait Sauces 4oz

    Pro-Cure Tinted Sauces Made from real bait and fish oils. Sauce is super sticky, and we mean super sticky. Charged with powerful complex amino acids to intensify the natural scent and increase the scent trail. Works great on bait and artificial...

    MSRP: $9.05
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  • Pro-Cure Fish Nip 7oz

    Pro-Cure Fish Nip 7oz

    Pro-Cure Fish Nip With the help of pro guide and host of Day One Outdoors Cody Herman Pro-Cure has developed a fantastic new bait made from a chopped tuna base, as well as some proprietary oils and attractants. Fish nip is a long lasting effective bait...

    MSRP: $14.70
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  • Beau Mac Pro Glow Egg Cure

    Beau Mac Pro Glow Egg Cure

    Life is already hard enough, curing your Steelhead or Salmon eggs should be easy. That's why we came up with our Pro Glow™ Egg Cure. Once the Pro Glow cure has done its job your eggs will be bright, colorful and durable - they'll hold onto their...

    MSRP: $14.99
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  • Borax-O-Fire


    Most effective for curing Salmon & Steelhead eggsNorthwest based Pautzke Bait Co. – known worldwide for our “Balls O’ Fire” eggs – continues a more than 75-year long tradition of providing premium eggs, cures, scents and...

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  • Gulp! Alive!® Attractant

    Gulp! Alive!® Attractant

    Gulp! Alive! Attractants are available in many popular prey scents and flavors. Simply spray any bait to make it taste and smell like live bait. Fish attractant makes any bait taste and smell alive with popular prey scents and flavors Easy to apply...

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  • PowerBait® Trout Dip PowerBait® Trout Dip

    PowerBait® Trout Dip

    Berkley PowerBait makes novice anglers good and good anglers great! Berkley scientists have spent over 25 years perfecting an irresistible scent and flavor - the exclusive PowerBait formula. Fish love PowerBait so much they hold on 18 times longer,...

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  • Zilla Bait Prawn & Shrimp Cure

    Zilla Bait Prawn & Shrimp Cure

    Zilla Bait Prawn & Coon Shrimp Cure is far above the rest! Like all our other cures, we only use the purest ingredients and never add fillers or anything unnecessary to the curing process. Our small batch Prawn & Coon Shrimp Cure comes in a...

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  • Fire Dye

    Fire Dye

    Give Your Bait Bling! High Octane Fire Dye is professionally crafted to enhance the color and reflective qualities of your bait and is UV Enhanced to give you an arsenal to attack all water conditions. Ideal for eggs, herring, shrimp, prawns, minnows,...

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  • Atlas Mikes Lunker Lotion

    Atlas Mikes Lunker Lotion

    Lunker Lotion is famous for its super sticky formula! A favorite scent among anglers and guides, Atlas Mike’s Lunker Lotion has earned an enviable reputation as an essential ingredient for fishing success. Special blend of concentrated scents,...

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