Boater's Hunting Dog Parka

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Product Overview

This great Avery Boaters Hunting Dog Parka is the culmination of Avery's 10 year experience making dog vests along with listening to suggestions from thousands of waterfowl hunters! The 5mm neoprene fabric has a sewn in webbing harness that holds your dog's weight. The steel D-rings will eliminate the need for a collar and the Velcro torso adjuster will ensure a perfect fit. All seams are glued and stitched just like waders. Your dog will stay warm and will love you for this one! 
NOTE: The Avery Hunting Dog Parkas no longer have the flotation devices.


  • 5mm neoprene with tough DuraStretch outer
  • Interior webbing harness holds dog's weight
  • Quick-grab slot handles for effortless re-entry
  • Steel D-rings eliminate the need for a collar
  • Heavy-duty zipper & cold-weather pull tab
  • Velcro Torso Adjuster for a perfect fit
  • Tapered cut for maximum body coverage
  • Double bar tacked seams for customizing
  • All seams are glued and stitched just like waders
  • 5 time-tested sizes to fit any hunting dog

Size Chart:

S 15"    24"
M 17"    26"
L 18"    28"
XL 19"    31"
2XL 20"    33"
3XL 21"    35"
4XL 26"    36"
5XL 27"    38"

Canine Hypothermia can be deadly so know the symptoms and be prepared to administer treatment.
Symptoms: Mild symptoms include violent uncontrolled shivering followed by lethargy and shallow breathing. Severe stages include 97 F rectal temperature or lower and severe lack of coordination followed by collapse and or coma.

Treatment Afield: Dry the dog completely and thoroughly. Wrap him in jackets or coats use whatever you can use to raise your dog's body temperature. Once you have gotten your dog out of the elements...use a hair dryer heating pads or a warm bath. Seek veterinary care as soon as rectal temperature is above 101.5 F.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review