Backpackers Pantry Entrees

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When it comes to outdoor adventures, you have high standards for how you explore. If you’re like us, you also have high standards for the food you eat. You shouldn't have to skimp on flavor or variety simply because you’re enjoying some time outside. At Backpacker’s Pantry, it's our goal to make it easy for you to bring the most mouth-watering flavors and delicious recipes to every hike, camping trip, hunt and beyond. Food is something we think about constantly, whether we’re cooking at home or exploring the food scene abroad. Our chef jots down notes, often on paper napkins (when you’ve just had the best meal of your life, you improvise.) Then, it’s time to create these meals in freeze-dried form. On this page, you’ll find the flavorful entrees that have resulted from that process. 

Our freeze dried entrees aren’t just for wilderness excursions, either. They’re also perfect for anyone who wants to prepare for emergencies and other unexpected events. Toss a few tasty freeze-dried meal pouches into your emergency gear stash, and know that you’ll be able to fuel your body regardless of the circumstances. 

Preparing your entrees couldn’t be easier. All you’ll need is water, a stove, fuel and some patience (a long-handled spoon helps, too). Once you pour boiling water into the pouch and seal it up, you’ll have a filling meal ready in less time than it takes to gear up for your next hike. 

In fact, the only difficult part about these meals is choosing which recipe to enjoy, because you can savor flavors from all around the world. Backpacker’s Pantry has Indian curries, classic Italian favorites like lasagna and risotto with chicken, your favorite Thai dishes, all-American classics like chili and so much more. It’s simply the best backpacking food around — which entree will you try first?


(No reviews yet) Write a Review