Allen Company Under Bed Discreet Pistol Storage

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Product Overview

The Pistol UTV Storage Case by Allen is the perfect discreet pistol storage option for those that need to keep their pistols close or under their bed. This case was designed for quick retrieval and to be taken with the range. It can hold up to 4 pistols and 8 magazines. Features a blend of rigid wall compartments and soft Tricot liners for protection. Two orbital-access Velcro pockets for storing paperwork or accessories.

Product Features

  • Case can hold up to 4 pistols and measures 19" L x 12" W x 3.5" H
  • Case is very stylish yet features discreet lines and external aesthetics
  • Has a soft molded handle that allows quick retrieval at home or easy transport to the range
  • Case has a brushed tricot lined interior, thick foam walls, and PE board inserts
  • Combination of these features provides optimal protection for your valuable firearms
  • Case has locking zippers, which allow for securing your firearms and protecting your family


(No reviews yet) Write a Review